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to give every child access to two years of early learning

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Together we set out to tell our leaders that no child in Australia should be left behind. Only a two-year, funded early learning policy will ensure they all have the best chance to succeed.

This Federal Election candidates are listening more closely than ever to what’s important to voters. Now is our chance to tell them and have our voices heard.

Direct contact from individual voters is very powerful. Will you take just a minute to send a message to the people vying to represent you?

We’ve made it simple for you – just type in your details and your postcode – and we’ll show you the candidates you will be emailing with just the click of the send button.

To ensure every child has access to quality, play-based age appropriate learning and to make access to 2 years of early learning for every child a reality, we’re asking all candidates to commit to 5 key things:

  • Significant new investment in all children to ensure they attend two years of high quality early learning in the vital years before they begin primary school
  • Better support for children experiencing disadvantage or vulnerability by ensuring they attend 600 hours of quality preschool programs
  • Fixing the Child Care Subsidy so that it supports all children’s access to preschool programs
  • A strategy to ensure Australia has sufficient numbers of highly trained early childhood teachers and educators – who are well paid and well respected
  • On-going commitment to the National Quality Framework, which helps ensure all preschool programs are of high quality
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