Help secure Government funded preschool programs beyond 2020!

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Commonwealth preschool funding is due to run out in 2020, and the Federal Government has commissioned a review ahead of making a decision in the Federal Budget.

That’s why we need your help! By sending a simple email submission to the government review before October 6th 2019, we can show them how important preschool funding is and why we need it to stick around for good!

We’ve created a handy tool so you can email the review and tell them why funding preschool is so important. Simply fill in your details and write an attention-grabbing subject line. We’ve written a placeholder message for you, which you can edit or replace with your own!

Why is preschool so important?

The first five years of a child’s life are when 80% of their brain development occurs. The preschool years are crucial: it’s when they develop their skills of self-management, self-control and socialisation.

Studies show that preschool significantly improves:

  • School performance and NAPLAN test scores
  • Prospects for disadvantaged children.
  • Future earnings.

Who funds preschool?

The Commonwealth provides around $450 million a year – or around $1300 per child – to support the delivery of preschool programs, teacher employment, programming, curriculum, learning resources and excursions. The other operational costs of the program are either picked up by the states (for preschools and kindergartens) or the Commonwealth (for long day care programs through the Child Care Subsidy).

Why should the Commonwealth continue to fund preschool?

The loss of $1300 per child across the country would be devastating, either pushing parent fees up by $30 a week or forcing providers to reduce quality. This financial support is crucial to securing access, especially for children facing disadvantage. No child should be left behind because their parent’s can’t afford preschool.

We urge the Federal Government to renew preschool funding after 2020 and work with the States to ensure all children – especially the most disadvantaged – enjoy access to quality preschool programs delivered by qualified teachers.

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