About the campaign

Launch into Learning is a campaign by Early Learning and Care Council of Australia, an alliance of early learning providers from right across Australia.

We’ve come together to call on all leaders, at both the State and Federal levels, to commit to giving every child in Australia two years of early learning before they start school and increase support for children living with disadvantage and the educators who work with them.

How will Launch into Learning help children?

Right now, 1 in 5 children in Australia start school developmentally behind their peers.

The ages of 3 to 5 are critical in the development of a child’s brain, which is why giving all children access to early learning at this important time in their lives will help launch them into their learning journeys.

In Australia, the government does not fund early learning until the year before school. But we know how important those early years of development are to foster social and cognitive skills in young children. That’s why the Launch into Learning campaign, powered by families, educators and friends, will fight to give all children two years of early learning before they begin school.

In the lead up to the Federal Election we’re calling on all parties to commit to funding quality, play-based, age-appropriate early learning for all 3-year-olds so that they can start school ready to thrive.

How will Launch into Learning help teachers and educators?

Early learning teachers and educators are specially trained to support children as they develop critical thinking, communication and motor skills that will set them up for success in life.

Unlike primary school teachers, educators working in the early years have no long-term certainty about funding for their jobs, wages and conditions as Federal Government funding for preschool is only renewed one year at a time.

That’s why we’re calling for a commitment to ongoing, secure funding for all children to access early learning for two years before school. This funding would mean more support for educators, more programming time to plan quality programs and more professional development and mentoring.

We’re also campaigning for a new strategy to ensure Australia has enough qualified early childhood teachers to meet our nation’s needs – and that they receive the respect, recognition and pay they deserve.

What we’re asking for

To ensure every child has access to quality, play-based make access to 2 years of early learning for every child a reality, we’re asking our leaders to commit to 5 key things:

  • Significant new investment in all children to ensure they attend two years of high quality early learning in the vital years before they begin primary school
  • Better support for children experiencing disadvantage or vulnerability by ensuring they attend 600 hours of quality preschool programs
  • Fixing the Child Care Subsidy so that it supports all children’s access to preschool programs
  • A strategy to ensure Australia has sufficient numbers of highly trained early childhood teachers and educators – who are well paid and well respected
  • On-going commitment to the National Quality Framework, which helps ensure all preschool programs are of high quality