Starting school is a big transition in children’s lives – and we know that early learning at kindergarten is vital in preparing them to launch into their educational journey.

But federal funding for kindergarten programs runs out next year – meaning thousands of children will not have access to affordable early play-based learning.

That’s why we’re calling on the Turnbull Government to do three crucial things:

  • Lock in long-term funding for kindergarten programs – families need to know now that they will be able to send their child to kindergarten – in stand alone kindies or long day care – after the funding agreement lapses next year
  • Fix new rules which are stopping some children – who could benefit most from early learning – accessing support.
  • Fund an extra year of early learning so every child starts is better prepared to launch into school and life long learning

Will you sign the petition now, so that all children have access to the early learning they need to launch them into their educational journey?