Denying child care to non-working parents is not about yoga and coffee.

Latest News | May 07, 2015

The Government wants to crack down on non-working parents who put their kids in childcare so they can go to yoga and drink mojitos at lunch – but they’ve got it so wrong.

Over the weekend, the Government continued to tease the public with elements of their new child care funding package, which they plan to announce in this month’s Budget.  But the policy that they have announced forgets the people who actually need child care the most.

The Abbott Government has forgotten the people who actually need child care the most.

Cutting through the hedging and spin, the upshot of the Government’s police so far is this: There will be a single, means-tested rebate that will be paid directly to the child care centre (effectively reducing how much you will have to pay – unless the child care centres take the opportunity to jack the prices up). Plus, there is a new element – a tougher activity test, which will mean that parents will need to work a minimum number of hours before they can receive childcare support.

Article Source: Mama Mia