I never thought I’d say Abbott is right about anything. But he’s right about this

Latest News | May 25, 2015

Let’s put aside, for a moment, the fact that contraception can fail and that abortion remains a crime in most states in Australia, and assume the critics are right. For most parents, most of the time, having kids is a choice.

However, there remains a fatal flaw with the ‘lifestyle choice’ argument. There is a third person in the process of birth that has absolutely no choice in the matter and that is the baby. Not one of us had any say about being born.

I often think it is the single greatest risk any of us ever take. None of us know what sort of circumstances we will be born into. There are children being born right now in war-torn Syria, in North Korea, and Mosul, currently under the pitiless control of ISIS. Even in relatively civilised Australia, being born remains a leap in the dark. What if your parents are mentally ill, ice-addicts or just plain nasty? For far too many children, in wealthy Australia, the greatest threat to their future is that they have been born into a family that is poor.

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