Kidspot survey reveals: What mums really think of childcare

Latest News | May 18, 2015

IT’S a myth that all stay-at-home mums can afford and want to be at home full-time. It’s a myth that Australian working mothers want to work full-time. It’s a myth that these mums think it best for their kids to attend full-time childcare.

This is what Kidspot found when KIDSPOT asked 789 mothers from all over Australia about their current work-life balance and what they needed from childcare and employment to make things work better.

Most Aussie mums want to work part-time

Our results show work and childcare is a complicated, emotional and fraught experience for most Australian women. One size does not fit all. One solution will not work for everyone. This week’s budget proposals promote and reward full-time working mothers earning above the average wage, but shutting down paid parental leave payments (PPL) and getting rid of childcare subsidies for stay-at-home mums does not reflect the actual needs of Australian mums.

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