Minderoo: Time to act for Australia’s future prosperity and vibrancy

Latest News | Jun 08, 2016

Media Statement

8 June 2016

The Minderoo Foundation calls on all political parties to show leadership on early childhood development and the importance of long term investment in our kids.

Minderoo Chief Executive Officer and early childhood advocate Nicola Forrest has written to all sides of politics asking for a non-partisan commitment to effective and long term policies and investment in the 0 – 5 years which recognise:

  •   That pre-natal engagement with mothers and families is critical.
  •   The need for a cross-portfolio and national response where a number of factors, not just

    education, health or parenting are targeted.

  •   The importance of access to quality early learning for three year olds.
  •   That early childhood is not just a workforce participation issue.

    The Minderoo Foundation has detailed its approach and commitment to early childhood investment in its position paper Time to Act. Evidence shows the greatest return on investment any nation can make is to prioritise its children before the age of five. This investment requires leadership and a change in attitudes by our nation as a whole.

    “Australia continues to demonstrate a low investment and narrow perception of the importance of its children in comparison to many other developed nations. It’s time to act. We need to listen to the evidence, our families and our children,” said Mrs Nicola Forrest, Chief Executive Officer of the Minderoo Foundation.

    “The Australian Labor Party has recently announced its child care policy and Minderoo acknowledges the need for affordable child care delivered by an appropriately trained and paid workforce. However, this is not a one-portfolio issue. We appeal to all sides of politics to acknowledge and commit to addressing the holistic needs of children and families before they start school,” said Nicola.

    “We need a long term commitment across all levels of government that are multidisciplinary and where health, education, community and other relevant services work together. We must prioritise our most vulnerable and work towards a strong universal platform,” concluded Mrs Forrest.

    Learn more about the Minderoo Foundation’s philanthropy at www.minderoo.com.au.