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National Working Families Survey 2024

🌟 Big News! 🌟 The National Working Families Survey 2024 invites working parents and carers throughout Australia to contribute their voices, backed by Parents At Work, UNICEF Australia and The Parenthood.
The goal is to foster more inclusive, supportive workplaces.
✨ Your Impact: Sharing experiences helps advocate for necessary changes such as gender-equal parental leave, more accessible childcare and flexible work arrangements. Every contribution shapes the future.
👉 Make your voice heard by clicking here: Together, improvements can be made for families across workplaces, ensuring a thriving future for Australia. 🌈🙌Have you had your say in the National Working Families Survey yet??

Feel free to share with any of your friends and family too.
It only takes between 5-10mins to complete. 👍

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