Doctor’s orders: let children just play

Latest News | Aug 23, 2018

Imagine a drug that could enhance a child’s creativity, critical thinking and resilience. Imagine that this drug was simple to make, safe to take, and could be had for free. Read More

It takes a village to raise a child but the village is missing

Latest News | Jun 25, 2018

The birth announcement was simple, but profound – in so many ways. Read More

I am that unemployed mother taking up your daycare spaces

I am that unemployed mother taking up your daycare spaces

Latest News | Jun 6, 2018

When we’re working we insist that childcare is essential in furthering our kids’ development. Why would that stop being true when you’re not working?
Read More

What outcomes parents should expect from early childhood education and care

Latest News | May 24, 2018

Parents often have different expectations for their three- to five-year-old children when […] Read More

Child Care Is Corporate America’s Business

Child Care Is Corporate America’s Business

Latest News | May 9, 2018

More companies are finding child care is the solution to their labor […] Read More

Should all three-year-olds go to preschool?

Latest News | Apr 16, 2018

For many children, their entry into kinder or preschool is their first real opportunity to understand social dynamics beyond their home and family – and increasingly, educators believe these early years are absolutely critical for success in adult life. Read More

Did you know…?

Latest News | Feb 15, 2018

Did you know that 1 in 5 of our children and 2 in 5 of our Indigenous children are already behind before they start school? Read More

The smartest way to spend taxpayer dollars

The smartest way to spend taxpayer dollars

Latest News | Feb 9, 2018

Did I tell you that my grandson, fast approaching his second birthday and not many months away from losing his status as our one and only grandchild, is a budding genius? Read More

This number could hold your kids back for the rest of their lives

Latest News | Nov 7, 2017

It’s two years since I wrote about the educational opportunity for Australia contained in a report by the Mitchell Institute: a specialist education research facility at Victoria University which I am happy to support. Read More

Brain Development

Latest News | Sep 15, 2017

The human brain is the most complex thing on Earth. From birth to age 5, we see a rapid rate of brain development. 90% of the child’s brain is developed before they even walk into a classroom. Read More