What are our state leaders saying about early learning for all NSW children?

We asked the major parties for commitments on our four key policy asks for the NSW State Election. Here’s how we scored them, based on their responses:


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Want to know more? Check out the major parties’ responses below:

1 Labor’s policy can be viewed HERE

2 The Liberal/National Coalition’s policy can be viewed HERE

3 The Greens policy can be viewed HERE

4The Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party is silent on early learning policy and can be viewed HERE


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Access to years of early learning:

5 Labor will increase funding for 4 year olds in preschool programs in long day care centres from a base of $450 to $1000, and extend that funding to 3 year olds.

6 Labor will increase the current rate of funding for 3 year olds in community preschools to 50% of 4 year old funding, bringing forward the funding rollout from 2022 to 2019, and provide $15 million to fund additional places.

7 The Coaliton will maintain funding of $450 for 4 year olds in preschool programs in long day care centres ($675 in disadvantaged communities) dependent on Federal preschool funding being renewed in 2020 and has made no commitment on funding 3 year olds.

8 The Coalition is extending funding for all 3 year olds to attend community preschools phased in on a sliding scale from 25% in 2019 to 50% in 2022, and has announced an additional $20 million to fund additional places.

9 The Greens will support increased funding for community long day early learning centres, but not privately owned services (over 70% of NSW services).

10 The Greens will support additional funding for community preschool services and promote a policy of free voluntary preschool for all 4 year olds.

Support for children experiencing disadvantage:

11 Labor will create a $292 million ‘Little Kids Big Futures’ fund to support children experiencing disadvantage to access early learning, and establish an $18 million pilot on early intervention support for children who need it.

12 The Coalition’s Start Strong policies include fee assistance and Community Grants to support children experiencing disadvantage enrolled in community preschools but not in preschool programs in long day early learning services.

13 The Greens support the allocation of additional funding for state funding services to promote access to children’s services for children who need it, but not in preschool programs in long day early learning services.

Workforce strategy to train more teachers and educators

14 Labor will provide $5 million for an Early Education Mentoring and Professional Development program and fund free TAFE places.

15 The Coalition released a Workforce Strategy last year but provided no new funding commitments.

16 The Greens Children’s Services policy is silent on these issues.

Commitment to national reforms to improve the quality of early learning

17 Labor will invest $4 million to boost the implementation of the National Quality Standards and increase the number of staff to assess and rate services.

18 The Coalition is funding a $5 million program to support services to meet the National Quality Standards

19 The Greens strongly support the National Quality reforms and support an increase in the number of qualified early childhood advisers to 1 per 55 services.