Starting school is a big transition in children’s lives and we know that early learning at kindergarten is vital in preparing them to launch into their educational journey.

But federal funding for kindergarten runs out next year – meaning thousands of children will not have access to affordable play-based early-learning.

Because you live in the federal seat of Longman – where there is currently a special by-election that the major parties are desperate to win – you have the power to make a real difference.

During the last federal election just 1390 votes decided the winner in Longman – there are more families than that with children already enrolled in early learning in the electorate.

How can you make a difference? It’s simple.

We want all candidates to agree to three simple things that will make a significant difference to very young children and their families:

Lock in long-term funding for kindergarten – families need to know now that they will be able to send their child to kindergarten after the funding agreement lapses next year

Fix the Child Care Subsidy so all 3 and 4 year old children can access quality early learning

Fund an extra year of early learning so every child is better prepared to launch into school and life long learning

Please take a moment to send a message to local candidates – we need to secure the funding for kindy now, and for the long-term.

All parties must step up and protect kindergarten for all children.

Everyday thousands of children attend early learning and care in Longman – please help us send a clear message to local candidates that the early years matter.


Read the petition here.


Mr Trevor Ruthenberg, Liberal National candidate for Longman

Susan Lamb, Labor candidate for Longman

Mathew Stephen, One Nation candidate for Longman

Gavin Behrens, Greens candidate for Longman

The petition of the undersigned shows:

Access to affordable kindergarten and preschool programs is vital for every child’s development yet federal funding ends next year.

Attending kindergarten helps all Australian children to get the best possible start in life, particularly children who are disadvantaged and likely to start school developmentally behind their peers.

As someone whose family uses these services in your electorate, I want to see my representative championing the importance of early learning if you are elected to represent me.

That’s why I am asking you to commit to using your influence to ensure the Federal Government:

  • Provides secure long-term funding for kindergarten and preschool programs; and;
  • Ensures no low income families are worse off as a result of the Childcare Care Subsidy by adjusting the new activity test to make it fairer for all families; and
  • Starts the work to give every child access to a second year of early learning before school so they are better prepared to launch into school and life-long learning, just as most other developed countries already do.

Authorised by John Cherry, Goodstart Early Learning, 43 Metroplex Avenue, Murarrie. Qld. 4172