There is a new Federal Minister responsible for childcare and early learning – South Australian Senator Simon Birmingham.

Let’s congratulate the Minister on his promotion and let him know how important the proposed $3.5 billion injection into early learning is to us.

Send him a message on Facebook and Twitter that affordable, quality childcare must be the top priority in his new job.

On Facebook Senator Birmingham has disabled the ability to write on his Facebook wall. But you can add a comment under his posts. All you need to do is click in the comments field and leave him a message.

Not sure what to say?

You can cut and paste the one following or create your own:

On Facebook

Sample post: Congratulations on your new job! Please make affordable, quality childcare your top priority. Australian families are counting you. Every child deserves a #SmartStart.

On Twitter

In the message, don’t forget include the Minister’s Twitter handle @birmo so he’ll read your Tweet and use the hashtag #smartstart so he knows how strong our community is.

Sample tweet: @Birmo Every child deserves a #smartstart. Please make affordable quality childcare your top priority.