Carolyn’s story

| Mar 10, 2015

My son Joe has been attending day care since he was 6 months old. We only moved to the Sunshine Coast a few years ago and haven’t established a huge network of friends and with no family in QLD he doesn’t get much socialisation with anyone other than us. Going to day care for the past two years has been great, his confidence is high, his speech is developing incredibly (although he never stops talking!) and he loves doing things we don’t get the chance to do at home. He now asks me every day if he can go to day care to see his friends and the educators. While he has been attending, I have been studying for a degree in Health Promotion, something I couldn’t have done if it weren’t for day care. What is the point of my studying if I won’t be able to afford day care once I’ve qualified? Now Joe has a little sister, Eddie, who had her first week at Goodstart Buderim last week (she’s 6 months) so I hope she will gain as much pleasure and independence and intelligence as he has. I feel our whole family has felt the benefit of day care and we can’t wait to see how Eddie grows and develops with the assistance of Goodstart.