Catherine’s story

| Mar 10, 2015

IMG_3672EDIT-Version-3I was blessed with my baby at the age of 40, having been told I would never have children.
He was born premature and has had a few on going health problems. But he is a happy and adventurous little guy.
I am a single Mum. I work in animal health to pay the mortgage, rates, power bills, child care fee’s etc etc etc . I work full time, five days a week and look after my baby on the weekend. I cannot afford a baby sitter or a nanny.
Since my baby started child care he has just flourished with a whole new world to explore! The carer’s are his ‘second Mummies’, his nurses, his teachers, his comforters and his guidance. I know every one of them by name and they love to tell me all my child’s adventure stories at the end of the day. Priceless.
What will happen if the cost of child care keeps increasing? I will sell our home, I will lose my job, and my baby and I will lose our sense of belonging that’s what will happen. I’ve worked since I was 15, and I have contributed towards my society. I want the same for my child – to have OPPORTUNITIES.