Claire’s story

| Mar 6, 2015

015-3My 2 year old is a miracle baby – not just the cliche type but giving birth at 46 years of age, he was indeed a very special child. Still is and will always be a very precious gift for me and my partner. I have worked in the Justice System for over 30 years and I have had a stellar career that has afforded me many opportunities to travel and study and progress in my profession. Of course, I desperately want this for my son. What is it all for if the experiences of a parent cannot be shared with a child?

I returned to work a year ago to earn money that will be needed to give the same opportunities to our son and more. I can’t do this without affordable, reliable and professional child care. If funding is taken away, I may be forced into full time care-giving and he, ultimately will miss all that I am working for to give him the same future that I enjoyed.

Child care CANNOT be means tested. Why should he be punished or placed at some disadvantage just because I worked full time and studied part time (for 11 years) just so that I could have a better job, with good conditions and decent pay? Regardless of the salary earned by parent/s, the tax we pay into a collective pot of revenue should not be overlooked. It will be to the detriment of each child who has the fortunate position of coming from a hard-working parental team who want the best for their families’ future.