Elizabeth’s story

| Mar 10, 2015

As a casual group leader educator I have assisted permanent educator organize educational activities for children from babies to pre-school.
Since EYLF was introduced after research showed how fast neurons in children’s brains grow and how much knowledge they absorb, we record outcomes on children’s learning, conforming the knowledge they absorb.
I see children using more words in their speech, smiles on their faces when they hear me listen to them, watch them dance while listening to the wiggles sometimes following my actions, then deciding on their own, using words as they point to pictures when I read them books, using an excited tone of voice as I read. Today I joined in as the permanent educator gave the children magnifying glasses and instructed them in an excited voice to search for insects and ants after a child in pre-kindergarten saw a caterpillar.
I had fun with the children this morning dancing to the wiggles watching them follow my actions before deciding their own.
Finally when I read to them using an excited tone of voice, I answered their questions as they excitedly asked what animal a giraffe and a tiger was.
With these examples the government needs to realize how much educators work and apply the EYLF in everyday classes from zero to five age groups, and why affordable child care and quality service at this stage will benefit children later in school to senior grades, and be confident citizens when they graduate in whatever profession they choose and help Australia’s economy.