Grace’s story

| Mar 5, 2015

I have 3 sons 2 of which have been through child care/preschool. 1 is still in day care. While on Centrelink benefits I pay $30 a week and when I am working full time I pay over $250 that’s just 1 child in day care. Shouldn’t the government be helping mothers return to work so they can stop receiving government payments? I know I’d much rather be earning hard earned money then having to sit at home because I can’t afford or justify paying ridiculous amounts for my child to get quality education while I work. If I work I don’t get enough money to help support my family and we live on 1 income from my husband who then has to work long hours 6 to 7 days a week but when I’m working I’m paying more than half of my pay on day care. This isn’t fair as far as I’m concerned.