Heidi’s story

| Mar 10, 2015

I’m an Early Childhood Educator with a BachelorĀ of Education. When I was 6 years old I was sexually abused and have only just recently begun to deal with the situation. My mother was a full time nurse when it happened to me and I was in a long day care setting a few times per week. I was a shy little girl and my situation went unnoticed. My parents didn’t want to leave me in childcare for longer than they had to as the teachers were not trained or educated in early education. Through studying early education I know the signs or signals children display when they are being abused. If the childcare setting had properly trained teachers I believe my situation would have been noticed and identified. I personally know the significant importance of having trained early childhood teachers in before school settings. The early childhood years are the most important in a person’s life and a child’s experiences can have such a profound or devastating impact on their lives. This impact needs to be recognised by the community. Early education settings need trained professionals and the area needs the most funding as everybody is effected by its outcomes. Children are the future of our country. I hope one day Australia will stand above the rest of countries as THE leader in high quality situations for our children.