Katherine’s story

| Mar 6, 2015

Franky-daycareI was very apprehensive about putting my son into childcare as I wasn’t sure how he (or I) would go, he was going through some separation issues. I put my son in day care in May 2014 for one day a week (all I can afford), as hard as it was I knew I had to do it. On our first day at Goodstart Kings meadows, we both cried, he was like my security blanket & I was his. The staff were absolutely fabulous. They treat us with kindness, they were caring & patient. Since that first day my son has come along in leaps & bounds, he has a speech delay & has recently been diagnosed with autism. The educators have helped my son start to open up with his speech, there is still a lot of work to be done to get him to open up more to his educators. But I am very grateful to Goodstart Kings Meadows.