Rebecca’s story

| Mar 5, 2015

FullSizeRender1Both of my boys (now 6yrs old & 4 years old) have gone to childcare from the age of 8 months. Both myself and my husband need to sustain full time employment so we can afford to own a home in Sydney. I initially went back to work part time after having each child, gradually working back to full time hours.

The government’s rebate meant we could afford to send our children to childcare, and continue to work. If I didn’t have access to childcare, it would have been impossible for me to return to the workforce and continue our lifestyle for our family. That said, it still added pressure to our family and making it more affordable would be a big help.

Apart from the financial benefits of working and having my children in childcare, I believe it has also helped them both develop good social skills as well as independence. They have both grown into happy, confident, socially active children and I owe this to their amazing carers who have dedicated their time to nurturing my children in a safe, encouraging environment.

My youngest son is now being prepped and nurtured by his carers to go to ‘big school’ next year, learning all things he’ll need to go off to school with confidence.

We couldn’t have sustained our lifestyle in Sydney without the childcare that my children have enjoyed over the past 6 years. I hope that other parents can continue to have access to these services well into the future.