Sue’s story

| Mar 12, 2015

As a new mum I returned to work, working full time – in the tax office – bringing in millions of dollars of unpaid revenue or recovering fraud funds. I had a demanding job and it demanded that I put my child in a child care centre. I could have stayed at home, on benefits, but I don’t see how that helps my family in the long term. I still need to pay off the house at some stage.
I am not surprised the productivity commission is involved. With the Liberals cutting ATO investigators who bring in 10 – 1000 times their ATO wage in revenue, no wonder the government is considering cutting child care, health, border security, pensions and every other cost to government.
The experiences my boy had at a child care centre including skills and play experiences beyond what I could have given him at home. He was happy and the centre staff were absolutely amazing. Cutting child care costs isn’t economically smart. Our children are our future. Their ability to lead the world, get a job, in turn pay tax and run this country in the future, is our personal retirement security and an absolute necessity to this nation. Sure, make the people who can afford it pay a bit more, but overall, there is no need to cut child care funding when its so easy to find the revenue to ensure it continues as is – just re-employ the huge revenue producing areas of the public service that have been cut to the bone.