We know that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial – in fact more than 80% of a child’s brain development happens before they start primary school.

That’s why we’ve developed a 5-point plan urging our leaders to properly invest in our children’s early education, so that every child has the best start to their learning journey.

With the State election looming, our politicians are listening to voters more carefully than ever. They’re taking note of what voters care about.

So join other parents and educators to let them know that early learning matters. Check out the 5-point plan and then send the Party Leaders a message, calling for proper investment in early education.

It’s super easy, and only takes a moment!


Our plan for South Australian children

Together with parents, service providers and educators, we’ve developed this five-point plan to ensure every South Australian child reaches their full potential.

A long-term commitment to at least maintain current total levels of funding for Universal Access to quality early education programs in the year before school, across both the preschool and long day care sectors to provide maximum flexibility and choice for families

Extended funding for play-based quality early education programs supporting three year olds, particularly in long day care services where most are already enrolled

Support for children who are disadvantaged to participate in early education and care

Improved quality of early education and care through workforce development initiatives

A whole of government Early Years Strategy to ensure no child falls though the gaps.