First lesson of play-based learning: include parents

Latest News | Feb 22, 2019

The importance of ‘‘play-based learning’’ for children in the early years of their life is well known (‘‘Push to secure learning for all three and four year olds’’, February 21). However, it is not just up to early childhood services to provide ‘‘high quality’’ play. The most important person in this equation is the parent/s. It’s time the government provided ongoing and regular support for all parents of children from birth to three years with a focus on child development and parenting. Now that really would be an investment in the future for all Australians. – Elizabeth Starr, Chiswick

Three and four-year-olds do not need to be institutionalised just so the childcare industry can make more money. – Jane Wilks, Baulkham Hills

Funding increased levels of play-based learning for three to four-year olds brings huge developmental learning gains for all young Australians, and long-term economic benefits. But we need to go further and demand that governments of all levels provide better healthy lifestyle infrastructure – parks, ovals and outdoor recreation facilities – to nurture and support wellbeing from the cradle to the grave. – Rod Leonarder, Roseville

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