Do the math early for better numeracy later: report

Latest News | Jul 26, 2016

Here’s a simple, practical equation: early-years numeracy equals later-years numeracy. Whilst it may sound obvious, a new report has emphasised just how critical young children’s math skills are to later, school-age competence in this area.

Counting on it: Early numeracy development and the preschool child by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) research fellow Dr Kate Reid, is a synthesis of current research from neuroscience, psychology and education. It aims to help preschool teachers understand and capitalise on early numeracy development.

“Since early childhood numeracy development is so important for later school achievement, we must find ways to help early-childhood educators provide the best possible foundation for school,” Reid affirmed.

And it’s not just preschool teachers who should be aware of this; numeracy comprehension starts from birth, and might, to some extent, be innate.

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