NFP Concern Over Govt Childcare Package

Latest News | Apr 11, 2016

A Senate inquiry into the government’s controversial Jobs for Families Child Care Package legislation has recommended that it be passed in it’s current form despite opposition from Not for Profit groups and the Australian Greens.

Early Childhood Australia said that as it was currently presented, the proposed activity test would mean that families with one or more parents not working for more than eight hours per fortnight would lose their eligibility for a childcare subsidy altogether.

“Low income families will still have access to 12 hours per week but this is a significant reduction from their current entitlement to 24 hours per week and it is insufficient to cover two days in a long day care centre,” the Not for Profit organisation said in a briefing paper.

“Advocates are unanimous in their concern about the impact this (legislation) will potentially have on children’s participation, particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

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