The Parenthood: Children forgotten in childcare reforms

Latest News | Dec 03, 2015

Thousands of children could be missing out on vital early education under the government’s new childcare package introduced into parliament today.

Jo Briskey, Executive Director of the nation’s leading voice for parents, The Parenthood said while the extra funding is a step in the right direction there is still concern many children will miss out on early education.

“We can’t lose focus on the dual purpose which is educational outcomes for our children as well as helping parents get back to work. Under the reforms low income families will lose about half of their current access to subsidised childcare.”

The changes will see families on more than $65 000 a year with one parent at home receive nothing.

“All research shows that the more access children have to high quality early education and care the greater educational and career outcomes they have, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Jo Briskey.

“The government has been so focused on workplace participation they have forgotten how important it is that every child irrespective of what their parents are doing deserve access to early childhood education.”

There’s also been $300 million slashed from the package that means more families are worse off.

Ms Briskey is also disappointed that the government continues to tie the childcare reforms to the cuts to family tax benefit payments.

“It is simply unfair for the government to expect one group families to pay to make childcare more affordable for another group of families.”